IT Services

IT Support
We offer IT Support via local onsite support or via telephone when required. Our engineers at LOGIC IT can help with all your IT requirements and we are experienced in all major hardware and software vendors.

  • Hardware and Software
  • Our experience has found that hardware and software needs to be highly reliable, therefore we have partnered with the most reliable vendors to supply hardware and software. We supply a diverse range of hardware from personal devices such as laptops, tablets and personal computers to high performance network infrastructure such as servers, storage area networks and firewalls. Through select partnerships we can source and supply all Microsoft products such as server and desktop operating systems, Microsoft office suites and cloud products. Our software supply is not limited to Microsoft we can also supply antivirus, virtualisation and line of business (LOB) applications.

    Infrastructure Design and Maintenance
    Using the latest technology from only the best vendors we can implement small scale infrastructure such as single server and local area networks (LAN)  to multiple wide area networks (WAN) and datacentre deployments.

  • Project Implementation
  • Drawing on our experience of over 20 years we have a proven track record of consistently delivering projects on schedule and on budget. We have worked with large and small clients on a varied scope of projects. Be it small scale deployments to large scale ongoing deployments we can deliver.

  • IT Management
    Using proven techniques that have stood the test of time LOGIC IT provides IT management for many well known companies both large and small. Our client's are diversified in their businesses and we adapt our IT management to suit each clients specific requirements.

  • Website Design
  • LOGIC IT can build a custom designed website to meet your needs and keep it affordable. Using the latest technology and complaince we can help you and your business meet its online needs. Call us today to view our design portfolio and to discuss what we can do for you and your business or request a quotation.

    Disaster Recovery Procedures and Backup Strategies
    This area of information technology is one of the most important, we often find with new clients this is often overlooked or assumed to be functioning as expected. We have developed backup solutions which have saved our clients valuable time and money when needed. Our backup solutions can be selective of the data to be stored or can backup entire virtual and physical infrastructure depending on the requirements. Typically backups store data to local onsite storage and this storage is then routinely taken offsite. Alternatively offsite backups can store data on offsite storage using automated processes and can be combined with local onsite storage to provide an additional backup solution. Offsite backups remove the human involvement in the process and provide a fully automated robust solution.

    IT Security Solutions

In todays world of information technology it is imperiative businesses and individuals protect themselves against technology threats. Technology threats can be delivered in many forms from forged emails to large scale automated botnet attacks. Security solutions are not just antivirus products they comprise of a combination of multi-layered scanning. Using in depth scanning comprising of Data Loss Prevention (DLP), Webblocking, Intrusion Prevention Service (IPS) and Application Control these all form our multi-layered security scanning solutions. LOGIC IT can install and maintain these sophisticated security solutions which are designed to protect your equipment and meet your budget.